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extinction's Journal

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do I know you?

don't stop here unless you intend to stay.

you can't know me. you can try, but you can't, not through words and images. and I can't know you.

but we can make a connection, if we try.

I'm a girl. I'm a woman. I'm a man and his dog, your next door neighbour's white ant problem and that cloud you saw when you were five that was shaped like a clown.

I like kissing. I like reading and watching movies, I like prying into the lives of others and revealing little bits of mine. I like self-inflicted orgasms.

you can laugh at me, if you want. I'll probably laugh, too. nobody who talks like I do should take themselves too seriously. or not for too long, anyway.

I have things to say. I've learned a few things, over the years. I can see through mistakes to the lessons we should learn. sometimes I haven't learnt them on the first go. but, nonetheless, I have things to say, if you're interested in hearing.

and if you have things to say, I'll be sure to listen.

kiss me, kill me

cars that growl, fires that cleanse, forgetting without forgiving, formal reprimands, hahahaha!!, hot hard 'n' heavy, killing love, late night eyes, lies that become truth, life without breath, long hot kisses, midnight seduction, murder by empathy, one uneaten doughnut, personal justification, spilt tears, swollen mouths, terminal mistakes, the emoional abyss, the last anguish, thick red ink, you and me